Growing Exotic Plants from Seeds

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Always keen on having my own cocoa- or chocolate tree, my own Bananas and my private Coffee bush I started growing many different fruit bearing plants from seeds a while ago. I created the Thaidragon website to help others to overcome common problems I had run into when trying to germinate grow fruit tree and bush seeds. Some species are easy to grow, others are tricky.
Many seeds have a shelf life of only a week, that means such seeds ordered by mail order most likely won't grow.
On I have compiled the steps I took germinating seeds from various plants and I also outlined the troubles that I ran into. Have a look at my plant page.

There are two different methods of growing plants from seeds. One is simply bury the seeds in soil and wait. This method is easy but you cannot check your seeds wether they are already germinating or rotting.
The second method is germinating the seeds in a micro greenhouse - a ziplock bag between layers of moist paper towel. This method has the advantage that you can check your seeds germination stage from time to time and you are able to remove rotting seeds. Germination is very different from species to species so it is good to have a look at the germinating seeds once a few days while checking the moisture of the paper towel as well. Once the seeds have sprouted and developed a nice root you can transplant them into some pots filled with potting soil from where they will develop further usually without major problems.